Why you have to test ideas first

Why your ideas matter and why you shouldn't wait tooo long until testing.

Why you have to test ideas first

Building a product can take very long. Knowing the market fit as early as possible is very important in order to succeed. That’s why we recommend to Test assumptions by talking to the potential customers early on.

How can you do that?

We use the Design Sprint to gather assumptions, questions, and ideas. That should be answered in the sprint and finally test ideas we create based on challenges. The Prototype, not wireframes, should be usable and tested with real people doing user interviews. 

After the Design Sprint we like to iterate on the concept we decided to work on and then create a backlog for the MVP. You can be ready with your MVP in 3 Months.

We test using Agile and Design Thinking methodologies and create a process around it to make it tangible and straightforward.

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